Fees and Subsidies

  • Initial review: 70 -90 mins – $170
  • Follow up session: 50 mins – $130
  • Phone Session: 30 mins – $70


Work and Income Disability Allowance WINZ may provide an allowance of up to $66.11 per week for counselling and psychotherapy for those who qualify (means tested).

Please let me know if this is something that is required, prior to initial session.


Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) Have current contract in place with Benestar who provide employee counselling services. This may be up to 3 sessions, dependent on associated organisation.


Health Insurance Some health insurance policies may provide cover (please check your policy)

Claiming Costs If you are self-employed you may claim the fees as a business expense. I recommend checking with your personal tax consultant.

Brief Talking Therapy I continue to provide services for Pegasus Health https://www.pegasus.health.nz/your-health/services-for-patients/mental-health-wellbeing-support/brief-intervention-counselling/

Aoake te Ra I provide counselling support (bereaved by suicide) https://www.aoaketera.org.nz


If your situation changes for whatever reason and you aren’t able to attend the appointment, please make contact. I will assist you to reschedule your session wherever possible.

Please note: If cancellation occurs within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment you will be charged half the session fee

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