Covid related arrangements:

Face to face consultations are possible. Please note face mask use is required, when entering and leaving the property.

Your health and the health of others is important to me. Please do not attend appointment if you have any cold or flu type symptoms and refer to Ministry of Health’s guidelines associated, for further information.

I am vaccinated.

I will also continue to offer phone and online consultations.

If there are any queries related to any identified matters, I am happy to talk further.

Thank you

Published by Erika

Kia ora, my name is Erika and I live and work in Christchurch as a registered nurse and therapist. I am originally from the UK and have been in NZ for 18yrs. I am married and have x2 children. I have worked within mental health services for 25yrs. Eleven of those years within the Brief Intervention Service. I now work there as an external contractor.

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